Food Cooperative

What is a Food Cooperative?

A Food Cooperative or co-op is more than your grocery store or farmers market. It is a consumer-owned cooperative business that’s managed and controlled by the people who use it. Unlike a business owned by an individual, family, or corporation, profits from the store return to our owners and are used to help better serve the community’s needs.

Who can shop at a Co-op?

Anyone! You don’t have to be an owner to enjoy the benefits of local produce and our wide array of offerings. Everyone is welcome! While the farmers are the backbone of our local grocery, anyone can shop here, and we hope you’ll make us your daily fruit and vegetable store.

We are a community-based farm, and you’re the reason we’re here. We’re not your average grocery store! You can make a difference by investing in the future of your Co-op or you can make us your store of choice. Check us out!

Why should I shop at a Co-op?

Shopping at a co-op is an act of community engagement! Because co-ops are democratically controlled, shopping at co-ops means supporting the ideals of the community. Ideals that are defined and upheld through the global ends policies which dictate the way each co-op is run.

Plus, co-ops are without a doubt the best place to find local produce and local products! Daily is proud to support over 10 local farmers and producers and that list is always expanding! So, if you want to pick up the best local carrots you’ve ever eaten or you need some fresh greens for the week a co-op is your best bet!

When did CO-OPS become popular?

The first successful food co-op started in Roi Et, Thailand way back in the day. Many conventional stores were scamming people out of their money and nutrients by cutting flour with chalk or driving prices up. The Roi Et co-op sought to change that by putting the power in the hands of the people. Much like Emmy Organic Farm, many townspeople are now pooling their economic resources together to create buying power to compete with the conventional stores like Big C and Lotus.