Farm Homestay

The Homestay and Farm are located in Amnat Charoen Province in the Northeastern Region of Thailand called "Isan" pronounced "e-son" It's mainly farm villages and small towns with local cultural experiences. The Homestay is located just outside the Center of the Town of Amnat Charoen and Emmy's Organic Farm is located in a smaller village about 20 minutes away. Much of the region has rivers and streams that draw outdoor enthusiasts such as fishermen and boaters. Yet other areas are ancient mountain regions and national parks for hikers, photographers and stargazers. A 20-minute drive from the Homestay is a famous religious shrine known for "Good Luck" in the Town of Lue Amnat which is 10 minutes from Monkey Forest Park. A 2 hours drive from the Homestay is where you will see Thailand's first sunrise over Laos at the National Park. Not far from this Park is a famous Buddhist Temple with a glow-in-the-dark painted "Tree of Life" and sidewalks that attract tourists and locals alike.

Benefits of Staying and Assisting at Emmy's Organic Farm:

  1. Air Conditioned Bedroom with a mattress on the floor for an individuals or couples in a house in a quiet Thai neighborhood 15 minutes from the farm.

  2. (2) Privately Shared Bathrooms, Hot Water Shower with bedroom access.

  3. Use of Thai Kitchen with gas cooker, electric grill, hot pot, small electric broiler oven, pots, pans and utensils.

  4. Free Hi-Speed WIFI

  5. You are welcome to join us for breakfast which can be a combination of fish, eggs, fruit and vegetables. Most every day I eat barbeque fish, local raw vegetables and herbs, papaya salad, scrambled or hard-boiled eggs and fruit. These are all purchased from locally trusted merchants as the farm is not yet producing. As soon as it does, we will be eating our own produce for sure! Optional: I lost 35 Kg this past year eating these foods and exercising. You are welcome to join in my daily routine if you wish.🧘‍♂️

  6. Optional Scooter Rental (used) 300 Baht/Day + Gasoline

  7. Daily Thai Market (20-50 baht meals), 711 and Lotus for breakfast, lunch and dinner items available only 10 minutes drive from Homestay and Farm.

  8. Big C Supermarket is a 15-minute drive from the Homestay.

  9. Many interesting temples and enlightening shrines within a 30-minute drive from the Homestay. Mong and Mekong rivers are great for site seeing and over an hour's drive from the Homestay.

  10. Over 50 different Thai restaurants serving Thai Barbeque, Hot Pot Style, Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and many other authentic Thai dishes cheap! and only 10 minutes drive from the Homestay.

  11. Emmy is a licensed massage therapist and offers a 1 hour Thai Massage for 200 baht per hour on a proper Thai Massage Table.

  12. Small shop that sells drinks, ice and snacks is 5 minutes walking distance from Homestay.

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Important Notes: 30 baht = 1 US Dollar

Visas: The province of Amnat Charoen is offering Covid Visa Extention for existing visas such as Tourist, Educational, Non-B's and O Visas only and not issuing new Visas at this time. (December 31, 2021) You are welcome to join us short-term (less than a week) but your visa and extension are your responsibility. If you wish to stay longer than a month we may be able to assist with a long-term solution on your existing visa but not guaranteed.

Covid: Masks are worn in most places and required to enter businesses and markets. Vaccination drives are common as the province is aiming for 100% vaccinated by March. However, the entire province is open for business as usual. Emmy and I are not vaccinated as we "do not trust the science" but wear masks when required. We do not wear masks at the farm or in the Homestay. We get tested regularly for Covid and have always tested negative. To keep it in perspective, 2 persons out of 360,000 people in the province have died from Covid since the initial lockdown over 1 and a half years ago. You are safe here!

Stray Dogs (Soi Dogs): There are many friendly stray dogs (called Soi Dogs) on the Homestay street with a new litter of pups making their debut (December 31, 2021) on the street. We feed them table scraps in the street out of kindness and have shown favor to 1, in particular, we call "Sheila". We love animals, however, do not own any ourselves. In the future, we plan on offering Soi Dog assistance at the farm as a charitable service. If you are traveling with an animal we may be open to accepting them at the farm and Homestay but must be decided on a case-by-case basis before you arrive.

Hours of Assistance and Daily Routine: Minimum 5 Hours a Day 5 Days Per Week

We generally awake with the sun around 6:00 am with many days being earlier.

I start with a bottle of mineral water, a Yoga stretch and simple exercise routine, a cup of coffee (sache only sorry) and then a 5-minute drive to a peaceful walking, running area (all optional for you). I pick up some breakfast items on the way back home with eggs cooking and freshly cut fruit. A list of chores and farm projects wished completed for the day is confirmed with the team. I complete website updates and email correspondence. We leave for the farm between 8-10:00 am.

Lunch is usually taken any time between 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Lunch food like noodle soup and papaya salad is usually bought at local village merchants cheap (20-30 baht) Sometimes we go to 711 for sandwiches and chips (25-40 baht) Lunchtime can last up to an hour. Not strict at all. Hammocks and massage beds are available for relaxing.

Work at the farm until 2-5:00 pm. Go to the Thai Market to buy dinner items around 5:00 pm (optional for you).

I play music regularly in the Homestay from Youtube playlists I've found. Sometimes it's Indie music and sometimes its classic rock oldies played at a reasonable volume.

We play the card game UNO for fun.

Laundry: A coin-op laundry facility (30 baht) is a 5 minute drive from the Homestay. No drying machines. We use laundry dry racks and clotheslines at the house. We also hand wash many items when necessary.

Drinking, Smoking and CBD:

We do not drink. We do not smoke. We believe in CBD medicine and promote CBD products. CBD Certified🤗

We are not against drinking but request responsible drinking. If you need to get drunk to live, don't come here.🤨

If you smoke tobacco or vape please do so outside of the house. 420 is ok if done responsibly.

We have a variety of CBD products available to help you with sleep, anxiety, urination, muscle pain and relaxation and many other conditions. All can be discussed while you stay at our Homestay.

UpComing Farm Projects and Chores:

Setting up Vegetable beds, Soil amendment, Planting seeds and cuttings, Stake and Trellis Vegetables

Daily Watering Plants, Weeding Beds, Pruning Fruit Trees

Planting Banana and Coconut Trees

Clearing Property Lines and Cutting Trees to Expand Farm Area

Assist in the Construction of the Bean Maze, build raised beds, plant bean seeds, install corner metal posts, guide and support cables, bean plant support lines, bamboo posts, irrigation lines and LED light strings as border walls.

Install Solar Overhead Lights on Metal Posts, solar mosquito lights and security cameras

Install LED light strings on the property line.

Clear wooded areas for glamping area.

Plant mint beds for outdoor massage area.

Assist in preparing restaurant site area, dig drainage, dig footings, pour concrete footings, pour a concrete slab, dig septic lines and septic tank placement. Install bathroom and toilet.

Set up water tank tower with footings and concrete slab, concrete columns, precast platform, water tank, shutoff valve and source and feed pipes.

Set up an irrigation system for the papaya garden, bean maze, banana and coconut tree areas.

Make furniture from existing cut tree stumps and logs.

Make fire pit and barbeque area.

Install trellis archway at the entrance, plant flower beds and flowering vines.

Digital Nomads Welcome!

Photographers Welcome!

Graphic Designers Welcome!

YouTubers and Vloggers Welcome!

Social Media Influencers Welcome!

Any questions feel free to email us at