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A brief history

Hello, we are Emmy and My from Emmy's Organic Farm in Amnat Charoen, Thailand. Emmy is Thai and My is American. Our dream is to build and develop an organic fruit and vegetable farm using sustainability practices to provide a better source of quality food for the region. With future ambitions to feed the local homeless and help the stray dog (Soi Dog) population. We were both working in Phuket before the Covid situation, Emmy was the supervising massage therapist and My was the sales and marketing manager at a 5-star hotel in Phuket. Emmy was given a unique opportunity to develop family farmland in her village. Given both our extensive experiences and knowledge in agriculture, farming, hospitality, sales and marketing we thought this an excellent opportunity to operate a farm stay to meditate and detox.

We are looking for an individual(s) or couple(s) who are passionate about the food they eat and like working outdoors. Hopefully, the person(s) brings some talent or experience in farming, gardening, construction, digital marketing, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, creative art or animal care. If not no worries...everyone is welcome!

Come here if you want to learn how to set up/layout an organic farm, plant flowers, vegetables and fruits, learn Thai Massage, learn Thai (Isan) Language and cook Isan food soups and salads.

You are most welcome here if you want to chill out and do work on the internet, detox the body and soul, meditate, speak with spirits or heal yourself with CBD. After this latest Covid ordeal, My has managed to detox his body and lose 35 Kg with a change in diet, exercise, CBD and meditation. A change in lifestyle is how it was done and we offer this to you!

Have fun at Emmy's Organic Farm

Where we are today

Our team of nomadic neighbors, friends, distant relatives, work-a-way helpers, homestayers and family members have managed to clear and plant some of the 1 1/2 Rai of land out of the 6 Rai allotted to the farm.

We have managed to plant 60 papaya trees, 20 banana trees, 100 cucumber and tomato plants, pole beans and rows of different varieties of basil, parsley, bergamot, dill and other Thai herbs. We are very grateful for the help we have received so far but there is much more work to be done. If you wish to come to the farm and help please see our farm homestay page or find us on If you wish to donate please see our donation page. The donations page is set up to buy farm items needed or cash donations. Big or small, all donations are welcome and appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Site Work on Farm Entrance
Created Farm Sign
Planted Banana Trees
Planted Papaya Trees
Emmy Farm Art Project
Art Work Preparation
Cucumbers at Emmy Organic Farm are ready
The first cucumbers are ready