When will you be open to the public?

Tentative Date March 1, 2022

Will you be serving food at the farm?

Yes, we will be selling our organic fruits and vegetables once they are ready. We will be serving organic salads and other favorite Thai dishes at some point in the future.

Will there be a place to stay on the farm?

Yes, there will be a campground set up with tents, firepit barbeque and other facilities.

Can I volunteer to work on the farm?

Yes, click the banner at the top of this page for our Workaway page. Not on Workaway? just go to our Farm Homestay Page in the dropdown menu.

How is the organic farm funded?

Up to now it's been out of pocket. We have just recently started a gogetfunding.com site, a Paypal donations page on this site, a merchandise page at Teespring and Buymeacoffee page. Any donations or suggestions are greatly appreciated. emmyorganicfarm@gmail.com